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3 Ways To Begin Inbound Marketing For Your Construction Company

Inbound marketing is becoming the leader in today’s world for finding customers and I’m sure you don’t want your company to miss out or be left in the dust. Word of mouth is good, but everyone is getting craftier with the use of digital platforms. It’s hard to find time to work on marketing and prospect hunting with so much to do right here and NOW but we all know it’s important and it will pay off. Good news is that inbound marketing is not a hunt for business; it will save you time, and it is a tool that will deliver interested customers to you! We think of it more as a magnet. So, inbound marketing for construction, yup it’s just as big for you. We’ve laid out 3 ways for you to get your tires turning.

1. Get A Website!

First off, if you don’t have a website, get one. In this digital age, a website is a necessary foundation. When a potential customer searches on Google for local construction companies in the area and your competitor has one but you don’t, you will certainly run a high risk of losing that opportunity. Visit our blog 5 Steps in Building an Effective Construction Company Website to learn how to get this going on your own. 

Chances are you already have one and are already onto the next step of inbound marketing for your construction company. Great! To take it further make sure your SEO is up to date and your website speed is excellent. Read How to Speed Up Your Website In Less Than 24 Hours for a little bit more about this. This will ensure that you will come out ahead of your competitors, despite the fact that they have a website as well. Also, you need to make sure it actually looks good – as good as the work you do. It might sound like a silly point to make, but many times your website is the first impression of your business. It is a testament to the quality of your work and it should accurately reflect your skills.

2. Social Media

Second, we recommend Social Media as a simple way to peak the interest of prospective clients. As a construction company, you have plentiful content to use. 

For a tool such as Instagram, snap a picture of your latest work and/or keep people updated on the progress of a larger project. Show them your daily activities. Before and after photos are also a huge hit! Read up on the 7 Best Practices for Instagram Marketing to help you step up your game. Twitter is a good platform for a quick 150 character update on your companies daily or weekly status as well. 

YouTube is a great way to share your knowledge with videos, real examples and stories. This can be an advantageous platform to show customers and prospects your expertise in the field. Getting to understand your skill set and knowledge, will in turn cause people to trust you and recommend you. 

In regards to the many platforms of social media, don’t spread yourself too thin though. Most often, your ideal leads will not be using every form of social media. Research and find out which one they use and then spend your time and efforts there.

3. Blogging

Lastly, we will talk about blogs. Blogs sound time consuming but they can be so advantageous with inbound marketing for construction. Include pictures of projects, write up descriptions of progress or discuss interesting finds along the way. Talk about things that your customers would like to hear about. See a blog as an opportunity for a more in depth description of your social media post. Shoot to write one a month, but ideally one a week.

You now have 3 ways to begin inbound marketing for your construction company. The foundation of a website with the incorporation of Social Media and blogging is a fantastic start. Make sure, in all of these efforts, to highlight the area of work you specialize in. Make it a point to let others know where you stand out from your competition and get those inbound clients reaching out to you!

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