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4 Ways Google Ads Helps Increase Business

4 Ways Google Ads Helps Increase Business

Google Ads is a program run and created by Google that allows you to create custom ads for your plumbing or HVAC business. When creating an ad you can target your specific audience including location. This allows your business to reach customers searching for your business in the areas you select and provide service too. You can refine your searches so customers who want to buy your services are sent to your website after searching and seeing your specific ad. 

When you search for a company or a service and the first or second results found are usually not because of a great SEO. These are usually at the top of the list due to creating and paying for an advertisement. You pay for this ad and when someone searches for those same relevant terms, it will be displayed to those customers. Google Ads is an incredible marketing tool for any plumbing or HVAC business looking to get information or their website in front of their target audience. 

1. Increase Your Leads

When Google ads are set up properly, it has the potential to generate immense leads for your plumbing or HVAC business. You can set up your ad to specifically focus and target the people who want to buy your products or services.

2. You Pay for What You Get

One thing that sets Google Ads apart from other marketing strategies is you only pay for your advertisement when someone clicks on your ad. This is actually great – you don’t end up over spending on a marketing strategy that some people glance at and never pursue. Google Ads includes a cost per click action, which averages out the amount of clicks you receive a day based on your daily limit you also set. For example if you set your advertising budget to $20 a day, and receive 20 clicks into your website (which then generate leads), that ends up being $1 per click. 

3. Real Results - FAST!

Quick and straightforward results? Sign me up! This is another reason why Google Ads is so popular, it’s easy to use, maintain and produce results. It delivers real time reports that are easy to read to help your plumbing or HVAC business grow. Every ad is also called a campaign, Google Ads delivers your company a dashboard that’s very transparent and shows you how many times the ad was clicked, the money spent, the most searched keywords and more.

4. Find Out More

Learn about your ideal customers and what they’re searching for! The ability to understand your audience allows your plumbing or HVAC company to better understand their needs and wants. Google Ads can show you customer locations, keywords they’re using to find you, the device they’re on, and the most popular time of day they are looking for your business.


Spend a little money to make a lot of money! Set a Google Ad at a low daily rate and just try it out for your plumbing or HVAC business. You will see immediate results and generate more leads faster than your competitors. Many businesses are turned off by the expense of Google Ads, because they are unfamiliar with how it works. But if you are smart about your online advertising strategy, the results from Google Ads can be amazing!

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