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Seasonal Google Ads – Transition for Fall

Seasonal Google Ads - Transition for Fall

Google Ads are a great tool to be used year round, but some general upkeep is great to have in mind with them. As the weather and seasons change, so does what consumers tend to search for. Taking a moment to step back and brainstorm about your company and how it transitions throughout the seasons will be really helpful when changing your seasonal ads marketing strategy. If your company specifically sells and maintains mini splits, it’s common for people to search for air conditioning during the summer months. When the weather begins to change and it’s cooler outside, consumers will most likely begin searching for heating products. 

Bring on The Heat!

This is a great time to focus on the weather! Fall means cooler temps, which means people no longer will be searching for air conditioning replacements, repairs etc. It’s time for your HVAC company to use target keywords in your Google Ads. Keywords like heat pump, heating repairs, heating installations, heating replacements etc. Homeowners are transitioning for winter and they are getting ready for the winter chill.

Do Some Account Upkeep

Combing through previous Google Ads groups, clearing out keywords, and even deleting campaigns that don’t seem to be working for your business will only help you in the long run. No need to keep something up and running if it’s not pulling in new business! Sometimes getting rid of certain keywords that haven’t received any impressions, clicks or engagement will actually help an ad group improve and begin to create conversions! This is a healthy habit to get into every few months, not just seasonally!

Try to Stay Ahead

You might think it could be too early to start transitioning your Google Ads to fall when it is still summertime, but there are a lot of early season shoppers. Many homeowners like to feel prepared, and you will be shocked at how many early shoppers you can grab with this strategy! 


Google Ads are a great tool, if you want to learn more, check out this blog Reds Media created a while back with more information. These ads are great for conversions and a wonderful option because you only pay for people who click on the ad, not for it to just be seen.

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