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7 Ways Google My Business Can Grow Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Company

How Google My Business Can Help Your HVAC Business

Getting Started With Google My Business

As a plumbing, heating or HVAC company, having or getting control of your Google My Business (GMB) listing is imperative for local search engine success.

Before we get into the immediate impact this free tool can have, let’s discuss how you can get setup with a listing. There are two different scenarios you’ll find yourself in. The first one is you don’t have a listing and you need to start from scratch. The second scenario is if Google has already made a listing for your business (yes this does happen) and you need to claim that listing as yours. To start, you simply go to the Google My Business website, and look up your company.

Once you’re here, you’ll click on the “manage now” button and be prompted to put in your business name. If no business shows up, then simply click on the “add your business to Google” button and follow the prompts.

If your business does show up, you’ll be directed to a page asking you to “request access”. Click the “request access” button and again, follow the prompts. Regardless of if your business is listed or not, you will need to verify that you own that business. That is done through a verification code that is sent to your business address in the mail. Keep an eye out for the postcard because you won’t be able to verify the listing, thus allowing Google to push it, unless you input the correct code. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re on your way to generating more business.

Why Google My Business is Important For Your Plumbing, Heating Or HVAC Company

GMB is a powerful listing tool that is essentially a small snapshot of your business. This tool instantly shows your customers your business’s general information such as your phone number, contact information, address, service offerings, service area etc. It’s ability to push you in local search engine results is a huge advantage for businesses focused on a local customer base, such as plumbers or HVAC contractors. Google allows customers to receive immediate results from their searches. But, GMB is not just a place to find basic information about your business. A GMB listing for your company is the first step in local area search success – it is the greatest impact for businesses looking for local exposure. 

When a customer enters Google and searches for a local business, the information is instantly right there through the GMB tool. This is a huge help to small or large businesses marketing strategies. When used correctly, it can increase your businesses revenue and provide you with valuable information about your customers! The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to claim your free GMB listing.

With that being said, following are the seven ways having a GMB listing can help your plumbing, heating or HVAC company.

1. Telling Google What You Do & Where You Do it

The first, and maybe most important, thing GMB shows is the services your company provides and offers. What exactly type of company do you own and operate? It also lays out your business’s service area. The common areas you do work in or around, and the average commute from the city/town you are based out of. Building out your GMB listing will also put your company on the Google Map, which will allow for your company to get even more search results. 

2. Talk to Your Customers in Real Time

You can activate this option through the GMB tool, making it even easier and faster for customers to get in touch with you. You can communicate one-on-one by answering questions, concerns and increasing loyalty.

3. Provide Your Customers with a Quick & Easy Way to Get in Touch

GMB allows for customers to have a quick look at exactly what type of business you have. At a customer’s fingertips they can instantly see your business’s physical location, the proximity, address, phone number, hours of operation and website. All separate buttons for each individual request they could have. 

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews

The Google My Business tool allows for customers to read and create reviews about your business. Most customers love to write reviews because they know it is not just for the businesses benefit, they know it will benefit future customers as well. Additionally, most people read reviews before making a purchase these days. Whether your company is big or small it is important to reach out to customers and acknowledge their reviews. This is your opportunity to create a loyal customer, or turn around a bad experience.

5. Further Cement The Quality of Your Work Through Real-Life Work Examples

Here is your opportunity to show customers exactly what you and your business can do. Highlight your exceptional work, expertise and show the world what you offer! When photos are uploaded to your GMB tool from the owner of the company it’s great, and shows the customer you care about demonstrating your work. Additionally though, customers can upload photos of jobs you have done for them. This is a great example of how your sales can increase by customers seeing work you’ve done for other clients.

6. Keeping Customers Up to Date with Your Business Information & Promotions

The world is constantly changing, which means sometimes our businesses do as well. The Google My Business tool allows you to easily update your hours based on holidays and world events happening that can affect our day to day lives. GMB allows you to seamlessly deliver this information to your customers in an easy and informative way, the moment they check out your GMB listing. Also, another perk for your customers, you can add promotions to your GMB listing. When your company is running a promotion, you can efficiently add this to the listings for customers to use and save! 

7. Provide Customers with a Centralized Area to Locate All Online Platforms

All the time your company has spent building out these beautiful webpages, and social media outlets for your business finally have a central location! Within the GMB tool, simply add your Facebook, Instagram, website etc for customers to easily click into and interact with your business


Google My Business is an effective marketing tool that can improve your customer engagement, boost your local ranking, and convert more customers. Grow your business, increase your revenue and heighten customer satisfaction by easily claiming your business’s listing through Google My Business. Don’t forget, it’s completely free! 

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