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Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

Within the past few years, blogging has been increasingly popular on websites for all industries. Today blogging is used to grow a business and expand a businesses reach. Learn why having a blog can be extremely beneficial to your companies website below:

Build Additional Credibility

We’ve touched up on credibility in the past, catch up on some of our previous blogs here, but in short the more often a website is edited or updated, it essentially shows the Google bots your website is more credible and reliable. Add in useful information and content, it doubles your score by showing your audience and customers your company website can be a trusted source. Having blogs on your website about other topics relating to your plumbing, heating or HVAC company shows customers you aren’t just trying to push products all the time. Next time someone types in “signs my furnace is too old”, your blog will come up and lead them to your website! Establishing trust, building a relationship and executing into a sale!

Drive More Traffic

Blogging is a great way to  increase your website’s SEO and traffic. If your plumbing, heating or HVAC business is posting blogs all about the industry, products, or an event you are excited about – it increases your credibility, which enables Google’s “crawler bots”, which then boosts your company to the top pages because these bots alert Google your page is more consistent, reputable and reliable. Another way most blogs get found that most people don’t think about is, when you are posting content people are interested in, this leads to blogs being shared on Facebook and other social channels which also drives more traffic to the website.


When posting a blog, whatever your plumbing, heating or HVAC website uses to publish these pages, make sure you enable comments. By allowing comments this helps customers comment and spark up conversations! This can be really popular on your page which will also lead to more website traffic. It’s the same thing that goes with Instagram or Facebook too – make sure you reply and engage in these conversations! 

Other Marketing Channels that Benefit

So not only does blogging improve your SEO score, drive website traffic, produce more leads and allow for conversation to start up. It will also boost your company’s social media presence throughout various other marketing channels. For example, add your weekly blog your monthly email newsletter, or post the blog to Facebook or Instagram. No amount of blogging will ever hurt your business. It can only get better and better – If you have any questions about monthly blogging or content writing, reach out to Red’s Media. You’re busy working, let us do the marketing for you!

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