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Digital Lead Generation – 6 Options That Work

Leads. Leads. Leads. They’re kind of like pizza after a workout. We want them now and we want them hot. But the challenge, as always and especially as business owners in this advancing digital age, is how to create digital lead generation in an efficient and effective way. Well we have laid out 6 simple ways to do that. But as you read this, let’s keep one thing in mind – as much as we want a ton of leads, we do actually want them hot. We want good solid leads that will actually turn into customers. We must make the most out of our efforts. Quality over quantity does make a difference here. So target your ideal market through these 6 avenues. Here they are:


If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts or if you’ve ever had a conversation with us, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this as the first item on the list. Your website, which in the current day of age is your digital storefront, can be a lean, mean selling machine. If built correctly, with content targeting your buyer persona’s (Don’t know what a buyer persona is? Take a look here.), your website should be your highest producing sales rep, and this is a sales rep that doesn’t complain! Holy smokes – imagine that!

Is your website not producing digital lead generation, or better yet, is not producing the right leads? Then it might be a good idea to take a step back, and take a dive into how your website is currently designed. 

Want to learn more about website design? We have you covered!


Facebook advertisements are a phenomenal platform for digital lead generation today. With around 2.38 billion users, the exposure FB provides surpasses old traditional methods, such as radio, billboards, flyers, etc. 

Your customers are using it daily. 1.56 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users. And it is no longer a Millennial only audience. 68% of US adults use Facebook. 51% of them use it several times a day. 

It offers great customer engagement. They can interact with you through likes, comments and shares, thus forming a more trustworthy confident connection.

In addition, ads on FB will allow you to target your specific buyer persona (we reference buyer persona’s a lot, so seriously, take a look at what they are here). You can select key definers such as age, interests, behavior and location, thus driving overall more qualified digital lead generation. 


Everyone likes winning something and receiving free stuff. I know what you might be thinking, “I’m trying to increase business, NOT GIVE IT AWAY. We get it, but contests can draw in new traffic and also make current customers happy they are still in the loop on your activities and updates. 

For example, a contest can consist of this: Every person that tags your business in a photo on the social media platform of your choosing will be entered to win a drawing for a free product or service. Consider how this is also using your own customers for brand promotion. It exposes you, in a positive way, to the connections of your customers and in the end, they can win something too. It’s a win win. Or a win win win as Michael Scott would say. Now that is positive digital lead generation.


Our previous point brings us to the next way to increase leads, and that is through reviews. In essence, a customer promoting a brand through a contest not only exposes you but gives his/or her connections a valued review of your product. They will only promote it if they like it, and what better way to generate leads than through a trusted consumer. 

Thus putting reviews of these same valued happy consumers in a visible place on your website or FB page will be huge. In this day with so many products and companies that compete for our business, consumers are more likely to trust a happy user than hearing why a product is so great straight from the source. Ask for reviews through follow up emails, pop-ups on your website, or again, through a giveaway offer in exchange for a good review. They can’t get enough of those.


Perhaps you attend local network groups…great! But let’s also take that approach digitally with online network. Platforms such as LinkedIn are a great way to connect with people in your community and beyond. Networking online will broaden your scope from local to perhaps national and generate leads for you in a new way.

Start reaching out to people that comprise your target demographic. Make sure you list your qualifications, certifications, and experience. The more available information you provide of yourself the better.


Here’s a good one to end with. Video is everywhere and it’s booming! FB Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live and YouTube are all great platforms. Find where your target audience will most likely view your video and give it a go. 

Live video gives people a “behind the scenes” look into your business and lifestyle. As mentioned before, we must strive for the human interaction. Today, consumers want to PARTICIPATE and live videos and webinars gives them a more real interaction with you. Show them what you are working on, what the day-to-day operations look like and open up for a question and answer discussion. Get them involved. Studies show that video will climb to 75% of mobile usage by 2023. Be a part of that percentage.

There are 6 great starting points for your approach to more digital lead generation. Keep your target audience in mind and dive in!

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