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Establishing Brand Awareness For Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Company

Establishing Brand Awareness For Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Company

A brand is more than just a service, a house call or a heating, plumbing or HVAC issue. This is something to begin even before your company develops a website. Developing brand identity is a piece of the puzzle that will constantly help your business grow. A brand is something that your customers think about when they hear the name of your company.  Developing an emotional or personal brand identity will help customers create a mental connection with your company. In the long term, a great brand voice for your plumbing, heating or HVAC company will help build loyal and lasting relationships with customers.

Creating a Brand Identity

Now this part may sound a little nerve wrecking, but it is actually so much easier than it sounds. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Color Scheme

Stick to the same colors on all of your businesses branding materials. This goes for stickers, uniforms, vehicle decals, website colors etc. Small things like this help customers remember you and your company. (For example, everyone knows the colors of Mcdonalds!)

Create a Logo

Something simple and creative, yet eye catching – Remember, we want this to be memorable! Especially within the plumbing, heating or HVAC industry, all the logos can seem to be closely similar. Stand out above your competitors, being a little more creative can go a long way. Highly recommend using a graphic designer so your logo can be trademarked and no other companies can use that logo.


Everyone loves a jingle – Even if you can’t stand a certain one year hear on the radio everyday, I’m sure you know every word to it. This is another form of brand identity, it is something your customers can acknowledge is connected to your business.

How to Get Started

his all may seem a little daunting, but try to remember why you started your plumbing, heating or HVAC business in the first place. Brainstorm your company’s values, the mission, the passion, even the vision of where you would like the company to go. Make sure your business expertise is clear and unforgettable! This is just a beginning, and brand identity can bring your business to the next level, especially when some competitors are not aware of these subliminal messages. Your plumbing, heating or HVAC company is sure to stand apart from the rest! 

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