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How to Get More Reviews for your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Business

Are Reviews Important?

YES! Reviews are crazy important for your plumbing, heating or HVAC business – they can really determine the success of the company. I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you’re aware it’s 2021, and everyone is on the internet, and the internet will forever be a popular pastime. This means the internet is the first place a consumer goes to when looking for their next service company to hire. With all the information at our fingertips these days, it’s hard not to look at a review before hiring a company. Does your company have reviews? Do you only have a few? Learn how to acquire more below!

Email Campaign

An email campaign doesn’t need to be fancy or long, it’s a really good tool that can be created quickly and produce results. Simply find some of your recent customers that had great things to say about their service and forward them all an email with a link to review your business through Google! You can send this email to customers you had 2 weeks ago or 2 months ago! If they love your work, they most likely will be happy to review your business for you. Remember, more reviews shows you’re more of a reputable company!

Post on Social Media

Once you’ve built a following on social media, this could be Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or others, a great way to ask customers is to make a post about needing reviews. This is pretty simple, just create an eye catching post or video, upload it to your feed along with a review link. Another fun trick is to throw that review link straight into your company’s bio! Again, if a customer is following you, they most likely trust your work. This means they want to see you succeed and love to leave reviews!


Have you ever been rewarded for doing something so simple, you couldn’t believe how easy it was? Try using an incentive with your business as a marketing tool! It could be something as simple as “Leave us a review on Google for $20 off your next service with us!”. This is a fun way to get people involved and also entice them to leave a review.


Remember, more reviews shows your company is more reputable. A more reputable company will show up on a Google search more, which increases leads. More leads increases business! More business leads to

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