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How to Use Facebook to Effectively Show Your Work Done By Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Business

How to Use Facebook to Effectively Show Your Work Done By Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Business

Nearly all consumers today are on the internet, and most of them are probably on Facebook. Facebook is an extremely powerful marketing tool used to engage customers and attract new ones. The core idea when posting on Facebook is to develop and plan content that appeals to your audience. For a plumbing, heating or HVAC business, Facebook is a great place to interact with your customers and show them photos of your most recent projects. Especially for locally owned small businesses, your customers can show support by leaving reviews and posting about their services received from you. Every small business needs to be on social media outlets these days, especially Facebook. From powerful advertising options to Facebook groups, there’s so many opportunities for engagement. 

Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Companies Facebook Page

The first step in using Facebook to showcase your business and its work, is to create a business page. During the sign up process you will give Facebook information about your plumbing, heating or HVAC business. It will prompt you to fill out all the business information like phone number, hours, contact information etc. You will need a cover photo and profile picture and even adding a few extra photos you have on hand is a good idea. Make sure the photos being used for the business page are relevant and reflect your brand. Pay close attention to the cover photo, profile picture, and the about section of your business page, these will be the first impression your customer will see. To let people know you have a page for your business, you should start liking other pages, inviting friends and family to like the page and sharing your new business page on your personal Facebook account as well. 

Post with Intent

When it comes to Facebook, your plumbing, heating or HVAC businesses posts need to be eye catching and appealing. Using an engaging image or video to catch consumers attention, even recent funny gifs or memes people can relate to, will encourage people to click on it. Facebook is an exciting environment, from funny videos, pictures of puppies or even family drama. Somewhere between all of that, your HVAC marketing post needs to stand out to let your customers know your business just stocked up on brand new water heaters to keep them comfortable all winter long!

Consistency is Key

The secret to effectively using Facebook as a marketing tool is simple… consistency! Consistency is key when it comes to marketing, and showing your plumbing, heating or HVAC company’s credibility and trustworthiness. Most plumbing, heating or HVAC companies will post maybe once or twice and forget about it. But if your company posts consecutively and continuously, your customers will take notice, and it will pop up in their news feed more often. 

If it is difficult to post everyday for your business, fear not, Facebook also has a solution for that! Facebook has publishing tools, and under that includes an option to schedule posts. That means you can sit down for a short period of time and just schedule posts one after another! You’ll have endless content and never even have to think about it.

Showcase Your Work

A profile that shows business reviews, photos, information and more, this is the best place to post about your work. Just finished a commercial HVAC job at a giant stadium? Installed your first residential mini split system? Brag about it! Show your customers what you can do! This is a fantastic opportunity to allow customers to see your jobs start to finish. When a consumer knows the face and personality behind the business, it increases your chances to convert them into a long-term customer.

Facebook ADs

When marketing for plumbing, heating or HVAC companies, certain ads will be more effective than others. Facebook ads live in a fast-paced environment filled with news and entertainment at people’s fingertips. It’s a great idea to tell your audience something new or exciting. A seasonal deal on air conditioners? A promotion on a shiny new water boiler? Let them know, and let them know your company is excited about it! Transparency with your customers is key, and Facebook allows you to do that.

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