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How to use Seasonal Summer Marketing to Your Plumbing or HVAC Company’s Advantage

How to use Seasonal Summer Marketing to Your Plumbing or HVAC Company’s Advantage

It’s officially summer – things are heating up! Now is the time to use the summer season to your advantage. Remind people and homeowners of all the things they need to get done this summer to be comfortable all year long.

AC is Seasonal

Let’s face it, no matter how many times you mention to customers throughout the winter to get prepared for the summer season, they usually have a one track mind. In the winter most people subliminally focus on heating, and as the summer approaches more and more people are searching for air conditioning repair. Especially as the temperature and humidity begin to rise! Between March and June is when some homeowners realize it’s spring and will begin to get their home ready for the summer time. This would be the best time to start switching your marketing strategy and keywords to focus on summer. Also the best time to get the most jobs before the temperature is at its all time high for the summer. Along the lines of a HVAC business, another opportunity to take advantage of is to make sure your services are separated by heating and cooling – two different needs for two different seasons!

Summer Seasonal Messaging

The idea is to create a sense of urgency to consumers to get things done before it’s too humid out. Combining some creativity along with that sense of urgency will allow your marketing campaign to go a long way. This can include rebates, discounts or coupons – make sure they are targeted for the summer months. A message that will grab readers attention and remind them to book their services before it gets too “sweaty”. 


Kids are out of school, more gatherings are happening like family reunions or graduations – this means increased traffic on your home’s plumbing system. Too often during summer cookouts, more people are worried if people will enjoy the food or the color of that tablecloth – when they should be worrying about whether the home’s plumbing system and utilities are able to handle the extra traffic. Use this to your plumbing company’s advantage! A clogged toilet or a burst pipe will surely ruin that summer barbecue. 


With the change of the season there should be a change in your plumbing or HVAC company’s marketing approach. Seasonal marketing, in this case summertime, is a great way to attract consumers by concentrating on one general idea. Customers will pay attention to something that is relatable, and the change of the season is inevitable. Many businesses will make the mistake of not using seasonal marketing to their advantage. But when something is seasonal, it actually gives the consumer an excuse to spend money.  

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