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What is a Reputation Management Tool?

What is a Reputation Management Tool?

Having a reputation management tool allows your plumbing, heating or HVAC business to be able to track customer reviews. This tool also allows and promotes positive experiences through all of the online review platforms available on the internet. As the world’s businesses are growing and evolving, so is the way our businesses are being marketed and constantly under review for customers. Businesses have begun to realize the impact of online reviews and how they can honestly make or break a company. Almost all consumers today will check out other reviews before hiring a professional for service to see if others had a good experience or not with that other business.

Why is it important?

This type of tool is extremely important and helpful for your brand to keep and maintain a positive identity in the eyes of your customers! Your plumbing, heating or HVAC business should keep track of everything being said about your business online. Customers are more likely to leave a five star review after exceptional service, but they will talk even more highly about your business if you have thanked them individually. A great part of a reputation management tool is  replying to customers and thanking them for a great review.

Not Just for 5 Star Reviews

Every now and then we all experience an unhappy customer, and sometimes we wish we had the opportunity to make their experience better before they posted a harsh review online about the business. Depending on the reputation management tool you choose to use for your business, some may catch those reviews that are less than five stars. If someone leaves a complaint, this is your opportunity to turn their experience around and into something better. This is the time to talk about the issue that happened, and offer solutions, so next time that customer goes to write your company review, it’s absolutely great!

Build Trust and Credibility

We are really going to drive this one home! The more reviews, the more credible, the more trust, the more customers! This is a no brainer. Having trust from businesses that partner with you and customers is the ultimate importance to any business. Having a reputation management tool allows your brand identity to be prominent on every site, and your content to be consistent. A great business loves loyal customers, and loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors because they’re telling from real experiences and they are not paid to post false information. Additionally, this goes hand in hand with google reviews. The more reviews, the higher Google will see your company is ranking, which will build your company’s online authority. A high online authority allows Google to push your business to the top of search results.

Now Here's a Few of Our Favorites

  1. NiceJob
  2. Rize
  3. Brand24
  4. Mention


Having a reputation management tool is just another thing that is going to set your business up for extreme success. It allows you to connect with customers who have had a great experience, and also allows you to help customers who had a poor experience, receive a better one. A reputation management tool will increase brand consistency as well as credibility and more and more customers will trust your business. This will give your plumbing, heating or HVAC company an increase in web traffic, leads and customers! A step above the rest!

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