HVAC Marketing Case Study

Pro HVAC LLC Case Study

Action Items

Marketing action items

The Results

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Website Design

Scalable responsive website design

Redesigned HVAC Website

The initial step to produce the desired result for Pro HVAC was to design them a website that effectively showed their value to the community. The new Pro HVAC website was designed in a scalable way to grow, show up in search engines and convert website visitors.

HubSpot Certified Partners

HubSpot CRM Integration

Reds Media is a HubSpot certified partner which means we have the ability to properly align the HubSpot CRM with appropriate partners. In an effort to capture customer contact information for further marketing efforts we utilized the HubSpot CRM system to hold all customer information.

By leveraging the HubSpot CRM system we are also able to integrate a chat bot into the system to communicate with customers by any means possible.

Service Area Targeted Landing Pages

During the initial phases of working with a new client we develop a service area matrix which cross-references all the services that are offered with all the towns that make up a service area. Doing this gives us line of site into what jobs, in which towns, we need to be ranking for within Google.

Upon the completion of the service area matrix we begin building out strategic, town-specific landing pages.

Total SEO Management

Specific jobs in service area

SEO Best Practices Followed

During the production of new client websites and during the design and launching of new targeted landing pages we follow all of the SEO best practices to ensure that website is effectively ranking within Google. All of the proper heading tags are utilized and all of the images have the appropriate alternative tags.

Upon the completion of a new website we submit the sitemap to The Google Search Console and hookup Google Analytics for effective monitoring and reporting. We follow the simple mindset and strategy that it doesn’t matter how great your website is if your targeted customer segment is unable to locate the site.

HVAC Marketing

Monthly Analytics & Reporting

Through the use of online tools we’re able to provide our clients with a live dashboard so they can view up to the day production. A core value at Reds Media is to provide our partners with 100% transparency at all hours of the day. 

You deserve to know what type of ROI your investment is generating, and we’re committed to show you the facts.

Google My Business

Local Map SEO Services


Want your HVAC business to show up on the Google map when prospective customers search for your services? We submit your company information to Google to verify your company and get a Google My Business Listing. After your company is verified you will begin showing up on the Google Map.

Listing setup & buildout

Upon the verification the listing needs to be effectively built out to accurately show what your company does. For Pro HVAC we listed out their services and established a service area. Google will then cross-reference that information to know when to push Pro HVAC on the map for specific searches.

Monitoring & management

Similar to every other form of digital marketing, your Google My Business listing requires monthly maintenance to ensure it is producing results. Our Pro HVAC Google My Business services consist of creating posts, responding to reviews and adding pictures that are designed to attract the right customers.

HVAC Google My Business

PPC & google Guarantee

Targeted advertising

HVAC Google Guarantee

Google Advertising

Online advertising for Pro HVAC was completed in two different forms – Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Guarantee. We develop and launch targeted PPC advertising campaigns depending on the season. The Google Guarantee process was completed and we targeted that in complimentary to the PPC campaigns.

Leveraging this strategy, with our organic SEO efforts, provides a SEO strategy that covers all areas of Google searches.

HVAC Advertising
HVAC Advertising
HVAC Advertising

Monthly Meeting

Client-Focused Strategies

100% transparency

Every month the Reds Media team meets with the Pro HVAC stakeholders to report in on monthly results and production and develop a new monthly plan and action items.

We pride ourselves on providing 100% transparency so you can feel comfortable knowing how we’re producing results, and where your investment is going.