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4 Steps to Get Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Website Found on Google

4 Steps to Get Your Plumbing, Heating or HVAC Website Found on Google

So your website is designed and optimized to perfection, but why is it not showing up within the search results? When a website is created, Google uses an algorithm to determine the value of a website. Google has these robots called crawlers, which crawl around the internet looking for new websites or updates to existing sites. But new websites are created everyday, so sometimes it takes the robots some time to find your new site. But good news, there is a way to accelerate this process. Below are 5 steps to getting your website found on Google!

1. Submit Your Site to Google

As mentioned, Google and other search engines use automated software, known as robots, to regularly crawl the internet. It’s these robots that detect new websites, so to speed up this crawling process you can submit your plumbing, heating or HVAC site to the search engine. If you submit your site to Google this helps the robots find your website faster because you are sharing it with them, rather than having them “crawl” through thousands of new websites to find it. You can submit your website to Google by using the Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results.

2. Choose the Correct Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that show the tone of your website’s content. They are generally the most common words that you will use in your title and pages. Google needs to know what your website is about, which means it needs to know the keywords on your website. By looking at the most commonly used words within your website’s links, titles, meta tags etc, Google is able to understand what your business is about. It is extremely important to choose the right keywords and to make sure there are none in there that do not belong. Keywords can range from simple words to phrases to allow customers to find your business and increase your websites visitor traffic. Keywords act as a magnet to connect your target audience with your website. 

3. Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

Similar to telling Google to come find your website through the Google Search Console, you can also give Google a brief description of what each page on your website is about. You do this through meta descriptions and title tags. The meta description is the section of a Google search that is right below the title of the web page. This description is Google’s way of giving the searcher a brief overview of what that page is about, and inversely, gives Google an idea of what searchers this page should be pushed on.

The title tag is the main title of each page on your site. View the title tag as a title for a chapter within a novel – giving the reader a snapshot of the content within that specific section of the book. The title tag on your website works the same way. Google is essentially just a huge library of content that is being pushed based on a searcher’s needs. If you have your title tag set up the right way, you can expedite the process of having your website show up for the appropriate search results.

4. Become a Local

Many consumers search for local businesses online, this means optimizing your Google My Business, which you can read about here. Google knows how to identify location specific searchers and can generate local businesses onto Google Maps via Google My Business. This is another free tool that Google offers to its users to enhance customer experience.


SEO and Google Search Console are your best friends when it comes to trying to get your business to appear in top search results organically. The study of how to get to the top spots on a search engine is called Search Engine Optimization. SEO is significant because it makes your website more visible, which means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. It also improves user experience and increases quantity and quality of online traffic. It benefits the business and the searcher by connecting them each to the most relevant information. Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. GSC is the fastest way to submit your company website to Google to start appearing in search results instantly.

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